Our Story

Oculo London. Curating contemporary evil eye jewellery. Meaningful pieces for everyday you.

Oculo London handpicks evil eye jewellery and other meaningful talismans from across the globe in both traditional and fashion-forward styles to bring you beautiful pieces that represent protection, love and purity – collections to harness your inner strength, or to share with a loved one.

The evil eye is not associated with any one religion, culture or country. But for thousands of years it has brought people together in their desire to imagine a force greater than themselves. When a person wears or carries an evil eye, it guards the wearer from misfortune and brings good luck.

While traditionally created in sapphire or cobalt blue hues, the evil eye has evolved with many colours that hold different meaning and can be worn to reflect your own individual style and spirit.

Each of our pieces is chosen to represent a meaningful talisman which provides a particular power and energy to the possessor.

Designed to complement and elevate your everyday wardrobe, Oculo London pendants, earrings and charms can be worn alone or layered. Interpret a timeless tradition in your own way.

Each piece has been named after someone special who has supported the Oculo London team, these individuals have provided us with love, support and protection and we hope the pieces will do the same for you and your loved ones.

We hope that you love Oculo London’s pieces as much as we do.

The Oculo London Team x